We decided to give this company a try prior to writing anything regarding them. There is a lot of unfavorable chatter on the internet regarding the dishonesty level of their Fx Signals service so we had to see for ourselves if it was accurate or not. Regrettably, it’s all correct. The performance stats they publish, including all the trade details, are entirely and totally different than what you would likely get. They are not even close. There is no questioning it.

Whenever we emailed them regarding inconsistencies with the trades, they would speedily respond “Oops, thanks we will fix this immediately” which would come from the CEO Mauro Sciaccaluga yet nothing was ever fixed. When we asked to terminate our subscription and for a reimbursement per their guarantee, there was no reply. Not really a large surprise. If the program is fake, so would their money back guarantee. Hopefully no one is crazy enough to buy into their Lifetime subscription offer. Lifetime offers are generally tip offs to scams.

Is there any means of getting our money back? No! Because Mauro uses for his transaction plimus which works in a related manner to paypal and because his product is a service, under their user agreement, they do not supply charge backs on services. If it was a product, perhaps we would have better luck.

An additional item in which we find is very suspicious is their relationship with the forex broker AvaFX. Buy Forex Signals gives members a free subscription to their services when you open an account with at least $500 at AvaFX. Why is this suspect? AvaFX is a Dealing Desk Market Maker broker which signifies they take the other side of your trade. If you win, they lose. If you lose, they win. Consequently it’s obvious to say that very much like a gambling establishment in Las Vegas, they want you to lose and how else better to do so than with the use of the losing signals you will get from Buyforexsignals.com. When it comes to foreign currency brokers in common, it would be sensible to stay away from Dealing Desk Market Makers. They are equivalent to online gambling sites that do not want you to win. They will do everything in their power to make investing tough for you with stop loss searching and re-quotes. And if you happen to overcome them and turn a profit in your account, chances are they will turn up the heat and make it even more hard until they can get you to blow out your account.

So what are the 3 lessons discovered here? One, be very cautious when purchasing a Fx Signals service or any program for that matter utilizing Plimus, paypal or any third party service as your method of payment. Your best bet is to merely utilize your credit card directly as payment. If Paypal or Plimus is all that they utilize, then turn away. No one is that exceptional to where you must take on the threat of losing your cash.

2nd, which is a lot more essential and will override the 1st, never ever shell out for a trade predicting program whether or not it’s Forex, Stocks, Bonds, Futures or anything that is predictive unless they supply a FREE TRIAL. The demo ought to be for a minimum of two weeks. If they do not provide a test, run like heck because chances are that they have got practically nothing good to provide and they are banking on you buying into their seductive pledges of large profits for a Month, Quarter or a Jackpot (to them) One Year subscription. Pertaining to frauds such as these, it is not really about renewals; it’s about creating that one particular sale. A purchase that is nothing more than a scam to take your money.

And ultimately the 3rd lesson; be wary of Dealing Desk/Market Maker Forex Brokers. Their business model is built to profit via your losses. That is not a broker you want or ought to be doing business with, specifically when they partner with questionable businesses that do nothing but provide you with losing trades.

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