What Are Serious Tax Problems?

tax problemsPeople with no tax issues are taxpayers who file their tax returns on time and have all of the current year’s taxes paid at the same time. Many people have no tax problems whatsoever. Still, there are a significant number of taxpayers that are dealing with the IRS outside of this standard interaction. Minor tax issues include owing the IRS back taxes but having an installment agreement in place that you are consistently making your payments on in a timely manner and taxpayers that are unable to pay their tax bill but have communicated with the IRS and are now in a Currently-Non-Collectible status. 

Most other tax issues would be considered a serious issue. The IRS is a collection agency like no other. Wherein most collection agencies would harass you relentlessly with phone calls and letters, before eventually writing the debt off, the IRS will only send a very limited number of letters. If they feel they are being ignored, they will resort to devastating collection actions such as wage garnishment and home seizures in a very short period of time.How Do I Know What To Do About Serious Tax Problems?

If you’re unsure about what to do about your tax issue, rest assured: you’re not alone. That’s what tax professionals are for.  If a water pipe were to break inside the walls of your home, you wouldn’t know what to do in that situation either. That’s what plumbers are for. Contact an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents are well versed in solving a wide variety of serious tax problems with a plethora of individual circumstances as well. There are far too many laws and details for the average taxpayer to sift through to adequately handle their own tax issue. This is not to say it can’t be done. Any taxpayer has direct access to the IRS and is able to contact them to resolve their tax issue. However, this is risky as the IRS takes control and makes demands. An experienced and educated Enrolled Agent will balance the control on your behalf and negotiate for resolution that will not only make sense for the IRS but will make sense for you, the taxpayer as well. Many people take the do-it-yourself route to save money, however, most of the time, they end up paying more in the long run. 

Do yourself a favor and waste no time finding a reputable Enrolled Agent to handle your tax issue for you. The emotional relief of facing the IRS on your own is well worth it alone, but it will also pay off when your final tax liability is at its lowest thanks to the help of your Enrolled Agent. How Do I Choose An Enrolled Agent?

In today’s day of modern technology, you are no longer confined to the local tax office. Phone, email and fax allow for Enrolled Agents to help clients all over the world. So no need to keep your search limited to your own backyard. You can ask friends or conduct an internet search. Many people find it most comfortable to contact the Better Business Bureau for a recommendation. 

IRS Tax Relief Now has Enrolled Agents with over 30 years of experience. Our rating at the Better Business Bureau is a perfectly maintained A+ and we have never had one of our clients file a complaint against us. We have plenty of information available to you about our company including a direct link to the Better Business Bureau where we encourage you to verify our A+ rating. If you prefer, we have tax professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk to you directly.

IRS Tax Relief Now takes great pride in representing our clients and providing them with excellent customer service. We’re here for you and we’re on your side. Contact us for an evaluation of your tax issue to get started. We’re happy to provide this consultation free of charge and confidentially with no obligation to hire our firm. We’re happy to help put your worries at ease. Contact us today or visit our website at LosAngelesTaxAttorney.net and sleep better tonight!