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How to Handle Serious Tax Problems

What Are Serious Tax Problems?

tax problemsPeople with no tax issues are taxpayers who file their tax returns on time and have all of the current year’s taxes paid at the same time. Many people have no tax problems whatsoever. Still, there are a significant number of taxpayers that are dealing with the IRS outside of this standard interaction. Minor tax issues include owing the IRS back taxes but having an installment agreement in place that you are consistently making your payments on in a timely manner and taxpayers that are unable to pay their tax bill but have communicated with the IRS and are now in a Currently-Non-Collectible status. 

Most other tax issues would be considered a serious issue. The IRS is a collection agency like no other. Wherein most collection agencies would harass you relentlessly with phone calls and letters, before eventually writing the debt off, the IRS will only send a very limited number of letters. If they feel they are being ignored, they will resort to devastating collection actions such as wage garnishment and home seizures in a very short period of time.How Do I Know What To Do About Serious Tax Problems?

If you’re unsure about what to do about your tax issue, rest assured: you’re not alone. That’s what tax professionals are for.  If a water pipe were to break inside the walls of your home, you wouldn’t know what to do in that situation either. That’s what plumbers are for. Contact an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents are well versed in solving a wide variety of serious tax problems with a plethora of individual circumstances as well. There are far too many laws and details for the average taxpayer to sift through to adequately handle their own tax issue. This is not to say it can’t be done. Any taxpayer has direct access to the IRS and is able to contact them to resolve their tax issue. However, this is risky as the IRS takes control and makes demands. An experienced and educated Enrolled Agent will balance the control on your behalf and negotiate for resolution that will not only make sense for the IRS but will make sense for you, the taxpayer as well. Many people take the do-it-yourself route to save money, however, most of the time, they end up paying more in the long run. 

Do yourself a favor and waste no time finding a reputable Enrolled Agent to handle your tax issue for you. The emotional relief of facing the IRS on your own is well worth it alone, but it will also pay off when your final tax liability is at its lowest thanks to the help of your Enrolled Agent. How Do I Choose An Enrolled Agent?

In today’s day of modern technology, you are no longer confined to the local tax office. Phone, email and fax allow for Enrolled Agents to help clients all over the world. So no need to keep your search limited to your own backyard. You can ask friends or conduct an internet search. Many people find it most comfortable to contact the Better Business Bureau for a recommendation. 

IRS Tax Relief Now has Enrolled Agents with over 30 years of experience. Our rating at the Better Business Bureau is a perfectly maintained A+ and we have never had one of our clients file a complaint against us. We have plenty of information available to you about our company including a direct link to the Better Business Bureau where we encourage you to verify our A+ rating. If you prefer, we have tax professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk to you directly.

IRS Tax Relief Now takes great pride in representing our clients and providing them with excellent customer service. We’re here for you and we’re on your side. Contact us for an evaluation of your tax issue to get started. We’re happy to provide this consultation free of charge and confidentially with no obligation to hire our firm. We’re happy to help put your worries at ease. Contact us today or visit our website at and sleep better tonight!

Check Your Credit Report Regularly and Beware of Identity Theft

All of us know the importance of credit report in our lives. Our credit report show our personal information such as your legal name, alias names, addresses, current and previous employers, and date of birth.

We also have that credit report summary showing the following:  

-  Current and past credit status

-  Total number of open and closed accounts

-  If the balances of our accounts are current or delinquent

-  Public record information such as federal bankruptcy records local government court records, liens, judgments, and child support records (information that can stay in your record for up to 10 years)

-  Credit inquires that we use when applying for a credit card or loan

-  Detailed account history - very up to date information about your loan payments

-  Credit card debt and payment history -  Credit score.

Your credit score is a number ranging from 330 to 830. The higher the number assigned to you, the better your credit is. It increases the chance of you obtaining a loan or credit account.

The Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are major credit bureaus collect, maintain, and distribute our credit information.

Our credit report does not also end with our financial matters. We also use our credit report for a variety of purposes not related with mortgage and other loan applications.

Auto insurance companies often request us for copies of our credit reports as part of the process in applying for auto insurance. Our employers may also request for our credit reports as basis in deciding whom to hire for a specific position. Our credit report may also be the important link for us to know if we have become victim of identity theft!

Identity theft is a criminal act wherein our personal financial information, supposed to be confidential, are obtained through illegal means and used for unauthorized purchases and transactions.

The most common forms of identity theft are the credit card fraud, bank fraud, communications services, and fraudulent loans.

The audacity of an identity thief is shown in his/her use your personal information, which could be result to a financial disaster and a damage of reputation on your part. Falling victim to this harmful activity could impugn your financial reputation for many years to come.

There are a lot of thing you can do to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. This article focuses on obtaining and reviewing your credit report, quite similar to what we do when we perform network security assessments.

The information from our credit report reflect our credit and consumer habits. Unless you make efforts to obtain necessary credit reports, you may never know how credit worthy you is or not. Obtaining credit reports is also a way to check if you have fallen into the insidious identity theft crime.

Verifying and frequently checking your credit report is a good means to make sure no one has obtained your identity. You may think that it may not happen to you, but there is nothing wrong by being doubly sure. If ever there are evidences pointing to the fact you are being robbed of your identity, then you can quickly act upon it. Avoid major damage to your personal and financial reputation that took you so many years to establish.

Here are ways to check your credit and see if there are evidences of your credit account being used by identity theft:

1.  Carefully examine your credit report copy upon receipt or use a credit monitoring service to have your reports monitoried daily.. Look into the section dealing with inquiries against the report. If you do not know about this yet, well, every time you apply for a loan or credit card there is an inquiry initiated against your credit report.

You will recognize the inquiries against the report if you are the one who have applied for a loan using your credit account. However, if you notice certain entries you do not recognize, immediately notify the credit-reporting agency.

2.  If you notice errors, such as a bill paid off but still show as outstanding on the report, then notify the agency and request for it to be removed. You must follow up personally on these corrections and make sure that your specific request has been acted upon.

Be alert always and take the issue of identity theft as a serious threat to our good name. Make sure that your personal and financial information never get into the wrong hands. It is for the good future of your family, too.

Child Identity Theft Facts

How to Check If Your Child is an Identity Theft Victim   

Want to check if your child is an identity theft victim? Of course you do, but how? Or, maybe you noticed something fishy in the mail, like a credit card application in your child’s name, well, guess what, it’s likely your child has become a victim of identity theft. But how do you prove it? The best way is to contact one of the three credit bureaus, or better yet, all three credit bureaus, to see if they’ve opened credit files in your child’s name. An easier way would be to go to to order their credit reports or use an identity theft protection service like LifeLock to check their credit reports on your behalf.

If you go the credit bureau route, it’s essential that you do so in writing so that you can prove that you have a relationship to your child and are not just digging for information. When you make the request, you’ll need to include copies of your child’s birth certificate, his or her Social Security card and your driver’s license. You don’t want to send the original documents, and paying a few extra bucks to get it there securely is a good idea.

The optimum result will be that the credit bureau or whoever gets back to you and tells you that there is no record on file for your child. Since your child doesn’t have and isn’t applying for credit they should have no credit record and thus no credit report. If you find that your child has no report, resist the temptation to check back every month or so to determine whether or not this is still the case.

If you cause repeated inquiries, this could end up on your child’s credit report, which would actually make him or her more likely to become a victim of identity theft – the exact situation you are trying to stop or prevent. Instead, if there are no further incidents that trigger suspicion, stick to checking it every year or two.

If you’d like more of an ongoing monitoring type of situation, you can register your child for an identity theft protection plan. Usually, for minors, the plans only cost a few dollars a month or less. If you’re looking into buying an identity theft policy for yourself, see if you can add your child or children onto it for what will likely be a nominal charge. TrustedID includes children in their family plan which costs $240 and LifeLock charges $22.50 per child under 16 (one adult at $99 per year is mandatory). LifeLock will even confirm with the bureaus that no credit file has been opened.
Identity Thieves May Be Closer To Home Than You Think

they report on this after everyone has already used myspace and facebook…too little and too late…Irealized facebook was risky years ago….i realizedinstant messenger was dangerous years ago…itdanforumssays: November 30, 2011 at 8:16 pm

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@hollybelote You can use the child identity, such as their social security number, and by the time the child come of age, their credit will be ruin!mda7112says: 

A childs identity can be stolen for years before anyone realizes it. I recommend Lifelock. Promo code SAFEID1 will earn you 10% off.deadreck024says: 

get a life people this is not newsfrededisonsays: 

They steal dead people’s identities, too.hollybelotesays: 

why steal a childs identity? the parents have the money not the child.crazyjorge2111says: December 1, 2011 at 12:08 am

happens all the time i hate the way people want to use kids. But credit card companes sud no when they look up ur kids social security number that there not an adult lolstalag58says: December 1, 2011 at 12:55 am

and the majority of those stealing child identities are illegal spic scumxSweetMirasays: December 1, 2011 at 1:27 am

im glad idk anyone who’s identity got stolen

of course i garentee there’s a few people in the world with our same first and last name, but our ssn can be different

like @ttran8385 said, targeting little kids makes me sick.animal abuse also makes me sick.ttran8385says: December 1, 2011 at 2:25 am

It’s sick when people target little kids my god!

Read more about preventing child identity theft at

Five Hot Tips On Credit Card Consolidation

Here are some great tips on credit card consolidation to help you manage your debts more efficiently.

1) Draw up a financial allowance. Yes I comprehend it is boring but you will never be in a position to get out of debt until you know exactly how much you earn and what you spend your cash on. As a way to get a real picture you ought to keep a spending diary for a month. Write down every cent that you spend. This is the only way you will be able to find those holes in your spending that must be plugged. It will also highlight areas that you could cut down on in order to release money to pay towards reducing the money you owe.

2) You ought to make an index of all of your creditors stating their name, your bank account number, the total amount you owe, the least monthly repayment and the monthly interest you currently pay.

3) Now you must your available funds and the checklist of your financial situation, you can see how much extra a month are able to afford to start paying to eradicate your debt. When you are completing this exercise you ought to keep your least monthly payments going.

4) If your accounts are up to date and you have an excellent record with these credit card businesses, ring them up and ask them if they are able to do you a special deal on the interest rate you are paying. You could be pleasantly astonished when they say yes. The low the monthly interest, the more of your money will go to reducing your finances. They might expect you to move your other debts to their card in return for a good deal. This may be the best way to accomplish credit card consolidation but don’t start anything just yet.

Ask them to affirmed the deal in writing making sure that they confirm the costs and the percentage minimum monthly repayment you may be expected to make. You can then review these offers and pick the best one for you. Don’t always opt for the lowest interest. 0% over 6 months is great but 2% over 24 months is better if your financial allowance has indicated this is how long it will take to clear the money you owe.

5) If your current creditors won’t help, don’t be tempted to take out a loan secured on your property to repay these debts. This is one of the last solutions you want to do as effectively you are giving your creditors more protective cover and yourself less. The best bet before you enter into any form of consolidation is to talk to a qualified advisor first. Don’t pay for this advice as plenty of charities will provide it for free. Remember you are on a mission to cut your spending as a way to get out of debt.

Avoid These Day Trading Scams

We decided to give this company a try prior to writing anything regarding them. There is a lot of unfavorable chatter on the internet regarding the dishonesty level of their Fx Signals service so we had to see for ourselves if it was accurate or not. Regrettably, it’s all correct. The performance stats they publish, including all the trade details, are entirely and totally different than what you would likely get. They are not even close. There is no questioning it.

Whenever we emailed them regarding inconsistencies with the trades, they would speedily respond “Oops, thanks we will fix this immediately” which would come from the CEO Mauro Sciaccaluga yet nothing was ever fixed. When we asked to terminate our subscription and for a reimbursement per their guarantee, there was no reply. Not really a large surprise. If the program is fake, so would their money back guarantee. Hopefully no one is crazy enough to buy into their Lifetime subscription offer. Lifetime offers are generally tip offs to scams.

Is there any means of getting our money back? No! Because Mauro uses for his transaction plimus which works in a related manner to paypal and because his product is a service, under their user agreement, they do not supply charge backs on services. If it was a product, perhaps we would have better luck.

An additional item in which we find is very suspicious is their relationship with the forex broker AvaFX. Buy Forex Signals gives members a free subscription to their services when you open an account with at least $500 at AvaFX. Why is this suspect? AvaFX is a Dealing Desk Market Maker broker which signifies they take the other side of your trade. If you win, they lose. If you lose, they win. Consequently it’s obvious to say that very much like a gambling establishment in Las Vegas, they want you to lose and how else better to do so than with the use of the losing signals you will get from When it comes to foreign currency brokers in common, it would be sensible to stay away from Dealing Desk Market Makers. They are equivalent to online gambling sites that do not want you to win. They will do everything in their power to make investing tough for you with stop loss searching and re-quotes. And if you happen to overcome them and turn a profit in your account, chances are they will turn up the heat and make it even more hard until they can get you to blow out your account.

So what are the 3 lessons discovered here? One, be very cautious when purchasing a Fx Signals service or any program for that matter utilizing Plimus, paypal or any third party service as your method of payment. Your best bet is to merely utilize your credit card directly as payment. If Paypal or Plimus is all that they utilize, then turn away. No one is that exceptional to where you must take on the threat of losing your cash.

2nd, which is a lot more essential and will override the 1st, never ever shell out for a trade predicting program whether or not it’s Forex, Stocks, Bonds, Futures or anything that is predictive unless they supply a FREE TRIAL. The demo ought to be for a minimum of two weeks. If they do not provide a test, run like heck because chances are that they have got practically nothing good to provide and they are banking on you buying into their seductive pledges of large profits for a Month, Quarter or a Jackpot (to them) One Year subscription. Pertaining to frauds such as these, it is not really about renewals; it’s about creating that one particular sale. A purchase that is nothing more than a scam to take your money.

And ultimately the 3rd lesson; be wary of Dealing Desk/Market Maker Forex Brokers. Their business model is built to profit via your losses. That is not a broker you want or ought to be doing business with, specifically when they partner with questionable businesses that do nothing but provide you with losing trades.

Day Trading scams is a blog devoted to discovering the unkown about people and companies such as Team Trading. Visit today to read informative articles about

Forskolin Weight Loss Benefits


Here in United States Forskolin is now an extremely popular natural weight loss supplement which has rapidly emerged on the market. Forskolin, found in the herbal root of the Indian Coleus plant, is one of the best new weight loss supplements available. In fact, it is actually something of a miracle plant, which derives from the mint and lavender family.  For anyone that is looking for a healthy alternative to tanning beds, forskolin has been shown to tan people naturally as well as many other health benefits! Still, its primary benefit and market for Forskolin here in United States is weight loss. Make no mistake about it, the popularity and recognition are well deserved.Forskolin Can Now Assist United Statesns with Weight Loss Goals!According to a study that was published by Obesity Research in 2005, 30 overweight or obese men received either forskolin or a placebo over a 12 week period. Eventually, members of the study that received forskolin showed a far greater decrease in body fat and a greater increase in lean body mass when compared to the men that received placebos. More impressively, those that received forskolin also significantly increased their bone mass.Researches believe that forskolin achieves these truly amazing results by promoting the breakdown of stored fats in the human fat cells. Additionally, forskolin may also release fatty acids from the adipose tissue, and this will typically result in an increase in thermogenesis. Then, the resulting thermogenesis increase will lead to a loss of body fat and increased lean body mass as well.

forskolin weight lossFrom the range of weight loss products on the shelves in United States, Forskolin is one of the best products to kick start and wake up a sleepy or inactive metabolism! It is a simple fact of weight loss than an inactive or inefficient metabolism is one of the greatest enemies to losing weight effectively. Fortunately, forskolin is able to change all of that.

Taken orally, forskolin will speed up even the most inefficient of metabolisms almost instantaneously, giving anyone the essential boost they need to achieve dramatic weight loss results. When metabolism is sped up dramatically through products like forskolin, fats that are being stored in the body get burnt up more quickly than ever before. As such, forskolin should be a part of any weight loss regimen as an outstanding tool to facilitate a boost in metabolism that leads to serious results.

It must be noted that forskolin will not magically provide weight loss benefits on its own since no plant can do that. But, when people have all of the right dieting and exercise regimens in place, this essential supplement will boost the weight loss process like few products can! In short, make the right fitness and lifestyle choices while supplementing with forskolin, and results are sure to follow!United Statesn Forskolin Offers Shipped Express Post

Forskolin x 1 Month Supply One month supply of Forskolin capsules. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. We recommend that you take 2 capsules per day. Price: $49.00Price: $65.00 Forskolin Dosage and Usage RecommendationsThe proper dosage for forskolin is to take 125 milligrams of a proper forskolin supplement. A proper supplement will be standardized to 20 percent forskolin, and any amount less than that will have a seriously reduced impact on the fat burning capabilities of forskolin. The reason for this caution is that buyers want to be sure that they are getting what they pay for, and products that have any less than this recommended amount will be seriously overpaying for lesser results.

Forskolin is also best taken with a meal at breakfast, but the product is completely safe to use at any time. Because of this, forskolin can be taken in quantities higher than 125 milligrams once an initial tolerance to the miracle plant is assessed. For starters, however, taking 125 milligrams of the supplement is the ideal solution.Health Benefits of Forskolin

Forskolin is a diterpene that is produced directly from herbs that are similar to the Mint herb. This substance can provide a wide range of different health and medical benefits to those that take a standard dosage on a consistent basis. These health benefits range from weight loss to a reduction in the risk of all kinds of cardiovascular disease. The following will provide an in-depth look at the many Forskolin health benefits.An Increase in Metabolism

The Forskolin extract has been shown to actually improve a persons metabolism. While someone that already has a high metabolism might not immediately notice any differences, those that are currently living a lifestyle of inactivity and copious amounts of sitting will find that taking this extract will help drastically when starting to become active again. Age will also cause a lowered metabolism within a person, which is why anyone of an older age should definitely consider using Forskolin for such purposes.Sustained Weight LossWeight loss is one of the premier Forskolin benefits that can result from taking the supplement on a regular basis. This supplement aids in getting rid of the fat stored in fat cells to allow for a person to gradually lose weight. Even when working out, it can oftentimes be difficult to get rid of fat that just won’t seem to go away no matter how much you exercise. Using Forskolin for weight loss helps to increase the likelihood of losing that stored fat. Fat within the belly is one of the key areas that this supplement will target. Losing belly fat will also help to reduce the likelihood of contracting other diseases, such as diabetes and any adverse condition related to the heart. As belly fat surrounds many of the internal organs, using Forskolin to lose this fat will improve a persons health. This reduction of fat doesn’t reduce muscle mass, so bodybuilders can also take Forskolin without any worries.Helps to Treat Cases of Eczema

Taking the Forskolin supplement also helps to treat a large number of different skin conditions that might affect a person. One of the main skin conditions that this supplement can reduce is what is known as Eczema. Eczema causes a general inflammation and irritation of the skin and can appear on certain areas of the body, such as the face, hands and knees. It takes the form of a red rash that itches on a near-constant basis. Forskolin extract is designed to reduce cases of Eczema and keep a person from suffering from the condition in the first place.All-Natural SupplementForskolin is an all-natural supplement and contains zero chemicals, which helps to keep a body in peak condition. While this health benefit isn’t directly related to one portion of the body, it affects all areas of the body and will improve your overall health, as no harmful chemicals are included in Forskolin supplements. As such, no matter the condition or health benefit you’re primarily taking this supplement for, it’s completely safe to use and won’t have a negative reaction within your body. As it is a natural herbal remedy, all of the ingredients found in the supplement are natural and healthy for you. This all-natural aspect of this supplement is important to keep in mind, as many other supplements on the market, even ones that claim to be all-natural, include certain chemicals that can negatively affect a persons health over time.Treats Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma is one of the more common conditions that a person can be affected with. This type of asthma occurs in nearly 3 million people each and every year and will cause the airways within a person to become inflamed. This inflammation causes wheezing and chest tightness, as well as extra mucus. Using Forskolin helps to reduce the severity of an attack of bronchial asthma by lessening the amount of inflammation and opening up the airways. Forskolin aids in both the prevention and treatment of bronchial asthma.Reduces Psoriasis

Psoriasis is yet another skin condition that the Forskolin supplement helps to treat. With this condition, skin cells will build up over time to create scales and patches on the skin that are exceedingly itchy and difficult to deal with. The Forskolin supplement works to gradually ease the skin buildup and lessen both the frequency and itchiness of the patches that can appear on your skin when dealing with a bout of Psoriasis. If you happen to notice any rashes, irritation or any other symptoms that might point towards Psoriasis or a similar skin condition, taking Forskolin straight away should help to reduce the affects of Psoriasis.Improves Testosterone Rates

Whether you’re someone that is utilizing bodybuilding techniques and methods or are currently obese, Forskolin has proven to increase testosterone levels, particularly among those that are overweight. The primary reason that this supplement can be so useful among anyone that is suffering from obesity is due to the fact that the amount of testosterone within the body will reduce over time for someone that has put on weight. The reduction of testosterone in the body can also lead to the reduction of a persons sex drive. Taking Forskolin and implementing the supplements into your diet can dramatically increase testosterone rates to the point where the effects caused by low testosterone in the body are reversed.Helps Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The cardiovascular system within a persons body refers to the circulatory system that contains the heart and blood vessels. These vessels carry oxygen and all types of nutrients throughout your body to ensure that it is at peak physical condition. There are a large amount of diseases that can affect this area of the body. Thankfully, the Forskolin supplement reduces the risk of all types of cardiovascular diseases, which is one of the most useful health benefits that Forskolin provides. As this supplement reduces the risk of disease in different areas of the circulatory system, it’s important to understand just how Forskolin aids in making the circulatory system more healthy.One of the most common types of cardiovascular disease is what is known as congestive heart failure. In essence, this means that the heart doesn’t pump blood throughout the vessels as much as it should. Taking Forskolin will provide more energy to the heart muscle, which will allow it to become stronger and pump blood much more effectively than before. As this can be a fairly serious condition, taking Forskolin immediately upon detecting any symptoms could quickly lessen the severity of the condition.

Another common type of cardiovascular disease is high blood pressure. This is caused due to the walls of your arteries becoming more constricted and the force of the blood against these walls becoming much too high. Taking Forskolin as a means of treatment for this condition can allow for the walls of the arteries to start relaxing and opening up to provide better blood flow. Over time, this will help to greatly lower your blood pressure to much more manageable and less dangerous levels. When taking Forskolin extract, your blood platelets will also become less sticky and more loose in general. This is highly important to your overall health, as sticky platelets can begin to form together and create a blood clot within the body that can lead to any number of serious health conditions, such as a stroke or even a heart attack.Assists in Keeping Bone Density Levels High

Anyone that is obese or leads an inactive lifestyle can begin to suffer from lower amounts of bone density. This can also be brought about due to heavy drinking of sodas and other unhealthy carbonated beverages. A reduction in bone density is one of the primarily conditions that leads to the more severe condition of Osteoporosis. As a supplement, Forskolin helps your body to receive the calcium it needs to keep bone density high. Even if you’re already suffering from low bone density, taking Forskolin can reverse the affects caused by the condition. If you have yet to suffer from Osteoporosis, which basically refers to weak bones, Forskolin will help in the prevention of this disease. Overall, Forskolin provides a large number of both medical and health benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. The fact that the supplement is all-natural makes it all the more beneficial to use.What Does Forskolin Mean for You?

Simply put, forskolin is not going to transform a body overnight. A complete bodily transformation will take work, effort and proper nutrition. What this incredible plant will do, however, is make the weight loss process simpler and easier than ever before. This supplement is one of the best metabolism boosting supplements on the market, plain and simple.