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Honeywell 5800 Wireless Sensors – Automation Tool For An Effective Security System

Motion detectors are a relatively new technology which can detect any moving object, particularly people, who pass in front of it. It is generally used in conjugation with other security systems such as surveillance cameras and alarms to alert the user of motion in an area. Motion detectors, also known as motion sensors, are generally used in security systems, automated lighting control, smart-home control and entertainment systems.

Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors are one of the best motion sensors available today. Their performance and high detection rates, coupled with the reputation of Honeywell in the electronics market make them a standard choice for homes and corporations alike.

Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors, as the name suggests, use wireless technology to communicate with other systems. A typical electronic motion sensor contains microwave, optical or acoustic sensors for detecting change in motion. Honeywell’s sensors have a detection range of about 3 m.

Motion detectors have wide usage in domestic and commercial applications. One of the common uses of Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors is activation of automatic door openers in public buildings, and in detecting intruders when connected to a burglar alarm. They can also be set up to communicate with security cameras to record the area where the sensor was triggered.

The technology used in motion sensors to detect movement can be roughly classified into the following types:

• Passive Infrared:

These sensors are sensitive to human skin, which is detected by emitting black body radiation at mid-infrared wavelengths. As the energy emitted from these sensors are almost nil, they are called passive sensors. These are the most commonly used sensors in motion detectors, including the Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors.

• Microwave:

These sensors detect motion via the principle of Doppler radar, similar to a radar speed gun. It results in a heterodyne signal at low frequencies.

• Ultrasonic:

The sensors make use of ultrasonic waves; an ultrasonic wave is emitted, which reflects off the nearby objects and is detected by the sensor. They are overly sensitive, and hence are not used in public areas.

• Camera Software:

In some cases, the sensor is embedded in a CCTV camera to double it up as a motion detector. When the camera software detects any movement in its field of view, it’ll trigger the alarm.

After buying a Honeywell 5800 wireless sensor, they need to be programmed to be put into use. There are two common zones that can be programmed into Honeywell’s sensors:

• Interior Follower (04): It will activate the alarm as soon as someone enters the entry/exit zone, and will be on as long as the intruder stays in the area.

• Interior w/Delay (10): After it detects someone in the entry/exit zone, it’ll wait for the programmed entry delay to time out before activation.

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